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Multifamily Homes

Multi Family homes can be a great investment, whether you decide to rent out all of the units in the building or live in one and rent the rest, we can help you handle all aspects of being a property owner. One thing to consider if you are living in the home while renting is, do you want to handle the sticky issues that may arise with a tenant that does not pay rent on time? Maybe you need to evict your neighbor. This is when having a property manager makes things easy. We will make those uncomfortable calls for you and
  • Leasing
  • Maintenance
  • Marketing of your property
  • Payables and Receivables
  • Annual budgets
  • All of our owners have 24 hour access to the Property Ware portal where you can see payments received
  • Tenants can make online e payments and view their ledger and lease
  • Landlords can view leases and other documents related to your property
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