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Home Seller Tips

Home Seller Tips

Taking the time to make your home look its best prior to hitting the active market makes all the difference.

Following these tips alone will allow you to not only sell your home faster, but maximize the perceived value as well, all at little to no cost to you!


What you should keep in mind when selling your home

  • Price your home to sell! Be “in” the market not “chasing” it.
  • Keep your motivation confidential.
  • Do your homework before setting your price.
  • Find a qualified realtor to represent you and your needs.
  • Maximize your homes sale’s potential: Spruce up the interior of your home – neutral paint colors are best, remove clutter (fridge magnets, trinkets).
  • Enhance your homes’ curb appeal – fresh mulch, mowed lawn, free of debris, etc.
  • Simplify – it goes a long way. Heard the saying less is more? A perspective buyer wants to be able to visualize their personal possessions in your home.
  • Make it easy for a prospective buyer to get information about your home – copy of maps, recent appraisals, repair receipts.
  • Make repairs to items that may need it – broken window, loose railings, change burnt light bulbs, fix rotting wood, repair masonry, etc.
  • Additionally, you, and your pets, should not be present for showings. Make your home welcoming for the new owner…give them the space and the time to imagine themselves living there.

Home buyers want to feel confident in their investment, so getting their money’s worth is crucial. They want to know the home they are going to raise their family in, will last forever.


Will your home pass a home inspection?

Ask yourself these questions before you place your home on the market:

  • Is there any defective plumbing?
  • Is there inadequate wiring or electrical?
  • Do you have fuses? (Some financing options will not accept fuses)
  • Is the basement damp or wet?
  • Does your roof leak?
  • Is the attic damp?
  • Do you have any rotting wood?
  • Do you need masonry work done to your existing foundation or walls?
  • How is the structure or foundation?
  • Do you have pest, termites or rodent problems?
  • Does your home have any safety issues?
  • Structural and mechanical issues will arise during an appraisal, and will need to be addressed.


In Connecticut, every homeowner is required, by law to complete a ‘Property Condition Disclosure Form’ when selling their home. This is to provide potential buyers with information regarding the home, that they may not be aware of during a showing. (If there’s insulation, updated electrical, how old is the roof, is there any lead paint, mold or asbestos in the home, age of the furnace, what kind of heat – gas, oil or electric, etc.)

You should not withhold information intentionally, this is against the law.

Additionally, in 2014, an Affidavit Concerning Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors will be required at the time of closing.

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